Why South America?

Why is South America, why do I go there most often, why is it so good for me? It’s hard for me to explain it rationally, because my fascination with that region has been in me for a long time – I’m not sure if travel programs watched as a child contributed to it, or maybe something completely different.

However, South America certainly did not disappoint me. And after a few stays on this continent, I am now able to give at least a few reasons why I like it so much here.


In  every country of the southern continent there are places that overwhelm me. Such wonders as the Patagonian glaciers or the fabulously colorful Bolivian lagoons I would be in vain to look elsewhere. South America is an amazing variety of landscapes: from tropical beaches, through unusually high mountains to the wild jungle. It is here that you can find a lot of the BEST of this world – the largest waterfalls, the highest lakes, the deepest canyons.

South American cities

Even though I usually prefer nature then the urban climates, I love Latin cities with their atmosphere. First of all, the competition is outclassed by Rio de Janeiro – in my opinion the most beautiful city in the world. But whether it’s Rio or another city on the continent – we have a great chance to see beautiful views (there are plenty of interestingly located cities surrounded by mountains), interesting monuments and a unique, charming chaos.

Street vendors

The streets of these Latin American cities are alive. I really like the fact that on the street, without having to enter a pub or a store, I can buy almost anything. What’s more, street food is often more interesting than pub food. They grill shashliks and bananas in the streets, prepare sweet local desserts, mix drinks, sell fresh fruit and ice cream. It is in the street mini-stands that you can find a watchmaker or make keys.


If by any chance you didn’t find something among the street stands, you can go to the mercado. There are great markets in almost every Latin city. And for me, they are always one of the main points on the sightseeing route, being the best place to watch the local life. This is where you eat the cheapest (and the choice of dishes is often not bad) and here you can buy everything that you would not think of.

Fruits – all of them!

The mercados are of course dominated by food products: meat, fish, spices and … fruit. The fruits that are absolutely unearthly here. What’s more, there is such a wide variety of them that in each region we have a chance to try some of them that we have never seen before. Granadilla, cupuaçu, açai and lucuma are just some of my favorites. Plus brilliant juices and sorbets from these fruits. And all for definitely not too high money for such flavors.


Fiesta or not, in South America, music can be heard almost always and almost everywhere. Salsa, samba, bachata, cumbia or reggaeton – Latin rhythms are everywhere. Perhaps their words are often not particularly ambitious, but at least they make them happy. And it must be admitted that they can catch your ear very quickly. Speaking of music – it’s also cool that almost everyone can dance to it, or at least like it. Latinos don’t need a special occasion to play. It is enough that a lively song is playing in the bar and everyone (including those of the right age) kidnaps others to dance.

Joy and authenticity.

In the rules-based, career-driven European world, such spontaneous behavior is often lacking. In South America, hardly anyone cares about what falls out. Relationships are much more informal here, there is no rigid, unnatural behavior.


What I like in South America is that it surprises me every now and then. I never know what will happen on any given day or even at any given time. I don’t know what’s lurking around the corner – whether it’s a big street party or an intimate concert by a local artist. I do not know who will get on the bus, what they will want to sell me this time and what they will talk about. Although sometimes this chaos annoys me a bit, it usually guarantees interesting events and adventures for me.



What impresses most in South America are the people. People who don’t complain and don’t care about stupid things. People who smile at you for no reason and call you “beautiful” or “queen”. Because that’s how he addresses himself here. They’re the people who talk to you on the street because they’re really curious about you. They are people who will willingly offer their help and make friends with a lost foreigner. These are also people with whom you will definitely not be bored.